Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2014

Making Mecha Frieza!

Hi Guys, It's been a long time I didn't posted anything on my website. 
Now I'm still progressing on making Mecha Frieza from Dragonball,  It's very hard to make it, fortunetly I have a friend that so kind to help me making this costume. so I didn't have much time to open my blog. Tehee~ XP

here's some picture from the costume

Helmet (front)

helmet (back)

body (front)

body (back)

Hands part

Eerrrr!?..... It's a..... Pamper... Frieza Pamper (LOL)

There's still so much part to do, but I'm really gonna finish this costume not like minos, okay.
matta ne~~~~ <3

Kamis, 10 Juli 2014

Daihatsu IIMS 2014 Cosplay Competition

Lomba cosplay yang diadakan oleh Daihatsu pada acara IIMS.

Pendaftaran :

> Mengirimkan email berisi
Nama :
Alamat :
No Tlp :
beserta foto karakter yang akan di cosplaykan ke 

Peraturan dan ketentuan lomba :

>Peraturan Umum :
1. Pendaftaran bersifat GRATIS dan tidak dipungut biaya apapun oleh pihak panita.
2. Peserta : umum
3. Peserta wajib registrasi ulang untuk mendapatkan tiket masuk.
4. Peserta wajib menyiapkan dan membawa BGM performance dengan menggunakan media flashdisk atau handphone (menyediakan sendiri kabel data) dan dapat diserahkan kepada panitia saat registrasi ulang.
5. Kostum tidak boleh mengandung pelecehan SARA dan pornografi.
6. Dilarang beradegan pornoaksi saat berada diarena IIMS (Indonesia International Motor Show).
7. Dilarang membawa senjata tajam asli sebagai aksesoris.
8. Dilarang menggunakan api, benda cair yang banyak dan benda yang tidak mudah di bersihkan
9. Keputusan juri dalam kompetisi adalah mutlak

>Peraturan Khusus
1. Genre : Crafting atau Semi-crafting (Armor atau Semi-Armor)
2. Kategori: Anime, Manga, Game, Tokusatsu, Movie
3. Maksimum durasi 60 detik
4. Kostum bisa bikin sendiri, beli atau pinjam.
5. Performance tidak mengandung unsur parodi
6. Boleh menggunakan properti ketika perform
7. Kru panggung maksimal 2 orang, dapat membantu dari samping panggung tidak di atas panggung.

Para peserta lomba akan memperebutkan hadiah :
JUARA 1 : Rp.5.000.000
JUARA 2 : Rp.3.000.000
JUARA 3 : Rp.2.000.000

Dan akan dipilih 4 peserta untuk menjadi juara favorit untuk mendapatkan hadiah :
JUARA FAVORIT : Rp.500.000

untuk info lebih lanjut silahkan kunjungi >>>

Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Brave Frontier, Summon, Summon and Summon

The mobile mmorpg for android and iOS. did u play it?? I've recently played this game. and this game is so awesome for 2D graphics.

U have to do the main quest to finish the storyline of the brave frontier, get into the "Vortex" ( special Dungeon) to get some item, material for level up your heroes and evolve or you can get some rare heroes from it. (OwO)

and what I like most is to collet some gem(s) to rare summon a powerfull hero, to continue my journey. and get into the arena to battle with other player, and rank up my title and get some item when I rank up. (O=O)

now I have 15 heroes in my Unit. and always played them to make them stronger (>.<)9

and until i write this post, i still wait my energy full. and beat some idol and pot to evolve my shock bow loch and storm blade sefia (=A=")

Sabtu, 14 Juni 2014

My Little sweet Team

I want to Introduce to you now my Cosplay Team .
ENYGMA ( eien-no-yujo-gurupu-ni-mukatte-amanohara)

Even we are serious about cosplay project. but this team have many crazy people who always make me laugh everyday. That's why I love this team.
our team is still new and small. but even it's just a small team, we always trying to achieve our dream to be the biggest cosplay team ever.
so, feel free to come to our team. and let's have fun together.

and this is the picture, when we have a community exhibition at Dmall, Depok - Indonesia

if u want to ask me about this post, feel free to comment (^_^)

Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

Memento from Miku Expo...!!!

ah, it's been so long i'm not posting new entry...
on 28th may, at last i can watch miku live concert at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), and it's always my dream to watch miku singing in front of me (^.^)

this is some picture from Miku Expo :

take some picture first, before watching.....
(oh, btw... this is my real face. hehehehe....)

because it's forbidden to take a picture or video during concert. i can take a picture after the concert has already finished. but i was happy, because i get the silver row (=w=)

take some picture after concert before going to home. aaannddd at last i can take a picture in front of miku statue (1:1 scale).

i have another photos at miku expo, but i'm not gonna upload to this blog. and some other picture was still in my friend camera. hehehe....
hope this is will not be the last miku expo in Indonesia ( if u know about the video incident)

Sabtu, 17 Mei 2014

Next Project : Saint Seiya, Griffon Minos... (Part 1)

at last.... i can take some picture of my handmade costume... it still not complete yet. i still have to make the other parts like legs, shoes, helmet and wings...

The Body parts, its so heavy

hands part. 

ahhh... i will upload the progress picture soon. so please check my blog again soon...

Minggu, 11 Mei 2014

Yu-Gi-Oh! I play it too....

now i want to share to u about my hobby beside doing cosplay...
i love playing card ga to refresh my mind after making costume...
I played Yu-Gi-Oh recently... my friend introduced me with this card ( even i have watching the anime before and have some card to play with my friend. hehehehe...)
I've play it before but recently i got serious to build the deck.
My first deck was Dark world. i build this deck, because it so easy to play. so the newbie like me could learn to play. hehehhe....

ohhhh.... maybe u want to call me an otaku or weabooo... but I really love Vocaloid. even I made the Hatsune Miku and Taito Shion as card cover...

oh... i play Yu-Gi-Oh! duel online with Ygopro... so if u have an ID in checkmate server. i always played on that server...

so, thats the other side of mine... if u like it or if u want to comment. please comment below... (^^)

Jumat, 09 Mei 2014

Ennichisai 2014... The biggest Japan Culture Festival Come again This year!

Hallo Hallo.... Do u like Japan Culture?? maybe the food, music, or dance??? or maybe do u like to see the cosplayer, or do some cosplay???
in this month there will be the biggest Japan Traditional Festival in Jakarta (maybe in Indonesia too), and will be held at "Little Tokyo" Blok M, South Jakarta. on 24 & 25 May, 2014.

this year theme is "Hiyaku - It's Time to Jump!"

and this festival presented by

oh, I hope this year i could get some yakisoba that i eat last year  ( i forgot the booth name...hehehe...).
oh, by the way... i;m gonna cosplay as grell again. ahhhh... it's been so long time not use this costume again... hehehe....
comment on this post if u gonna come to this event too... maybe we gonna met  and can be friend ^^

Say "Hi"....

Hello everyone, my name is Shinozuka Naozumi....
no... no... i'm not from Japan. I'm Indonesian. and I'm a cosplayer too...
this is some of my cosplay picture... I hope u like it... hehehe...

my 1st costume (Allen Walker - D.Grayman)

2nd costume ( Layfon Wolfstein alseif - Chrome Shelled Regios)

3rd and my last costume for now ( Grell Sutcliff - Kuroshitsuji)

well, after the last costume, i'm not really to much to do cosplay when i go to the cosplay events, just doing some wigplay. 
that's because i must spend a lot money to finish my new project. it's full of armor and use wings. so i'ts make my wallet go into crisis... hehehehe....
but i'm gonna spoil a little about my next costume. it's from the anime that, everyone must have know already. because it's the legend... hahaha...
yup,it's from "Saint Seiya".
So, if u wanna know about me. keep watching my blog... hehehe