Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Brave Frontier, Summon, Summon and Summon

The mobile mmorpg for android and iOS. did u play it?? I've recently played this game. and this game is so awesome for 2D graphics.

U have to do the main quest to finish the storyline of the brave frontier, get into the "Vortex" ( special Dungeon) to get some item, material for level up your heroes and evolve or you can get some rare heroes from it. (OwO)

and what I like most is to collet some gem(s) to rare summon a powerfull hero, to continue my journey. and get into the arena to battle with other player, and rank up my title and get some item when I rank up. (O=O)

now I have 15 heroes in my Unit. and always played them to make them stronger (>.<)9

and until i write this post, i still wait my energy full. and beat some idol and pot to evolve my shock bow loch and storm blade sefia (=A=")

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