Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Brave Frontier, Summon, Summon and Summon

The mobile mmorpg for android and iOS. did u play it?? I've recently played this game. and this game is so awesome for 2D graphics.

U have to do the main quest to finish the storyline of the brave frontier, get into the "Vortex" ( special Dungeon) to get some item, material for level up your heroes and evolve or you can get some rare heroes from it. (OwO)

and what I like most is to collet some gem(s) to rare summon a powerfull hero, to continue my journey. and get into the arena to battle with other player, and rank up my title and get some item when I rank up. (O=O)

now I have 15 heroes in my Unit. and always played them to make them stronger (>.<)9

and until i write this post, i still wait my energy full. and beat some idol and pot to evolve my shock bow loch and storm blade sefia (=A=")

Sabtu, 14 Juni 2014

My Little sweet Team

I want to Introduce to you now my Cosplay Team .
ENYGMA ( eien-no-yujo-gurupu-ni-mukatte-amanohara)

Even we are serious about cosplay project. but this team have many crazy people who always make me laugh everyday. That's why I love this team.
our team is still new and small. but even it's just a small team, we always trying to achieve our dream to be the biggest cosplay team ever.
so, feel free to come to our team. and let's have fun together.

and this is the picture, when we have a community exhibition at Dmall, Depok - Indonesia

if u want to ask me about this post, feel free to comment (^_^)

Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

Memento from Miku Expo...!!!

ah, it's been so long i'm not posting new entry...
on 28th may, at last i can watch miku live concert at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), and it's always my dream to watch miku singing in front of me (^.^)

this is some picture from Miku Expo :

take some picture first, before watching.....
(oh, btw... this is my real face. hehehehe....)

because it's forbidden to take a picture or video during concert. i can take a picture after the concert has already finished. but i was happy, because i get the silver row (=w=)

take some picture after concert before going to home. aaannddd at last i can take a picture in front of miku statue (1:1 scale).

i have another photos at miku expo, but i'm not gonna upload to this blog. and some other picture was still in my friend camera. hehehe....
hope this is will not be the last miku expo in Indonesia ( if u know about the video incident)